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Everything You Need To Know About Catch-all Email Accounts

Everything You Need To Know About Catch-all Email Accounts

Catch-all email verification performs acceptance tests of all email addresses and detects and flags the domain that accepts any email (wildcard) in your domain.

An email account configured to catch all emails sent to any invalid domain email address prevents those emails from bouncing. All emails addressed to non-existing or invalid domain email addresses will be delivered to the configured Catch All account.

The administrator or users who have access to the catch-all account can validate the email and resolve any typos in the email address or first and last name confusion and direct the email to the validated address.

This can help to prevent emails important to the domain from bouncing.

For example, if an email is destined for instead of, the email will not be bounced. They will be delivered to the catch-all mailbox. The administrator or user of the catch-all account can easily validate and forward the email to

For instance, an email sent to instead of will not be bounced. It will be delivered to the catch-all mailbox. As the administrator of the catch-all account, you can easily validate and forward the email to

If you send emails to a domain that uses catch-all email, you may sometimes get bounced emails. That means the email address you sent the message to doesn't exist.

An email bounce occurs when an email you have sent can't be delivered to the recipient's mailbox. When this happens, you'll usually receive an error message from the mail server indicating why the email couldn't be delivered.

Adapt your strategy for Catch-All domains

Catch-all emails are not as reliable as personal emails, but they are still worth considering as they don't come with any real risks. You may not get as efficient of results as you would with personal emails, but don't focus too much on KPIs. Instead, analyze the final result.

The best way to avoid accidentally sending an email to a Catch-All address and having it bounce is to verify that the address actually exists. You can do this by using a tool like This will help you avoid wasting time and money on sending emails to addresses that do not exist.

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